Having previously trained in different prestigious and international studios (Jordi Hidalgo Tané Arquitectura, Miralles Tabliague EMBT (both studios in Barcelona) or BAEB (Architecture studio in Brussels), Tomás Montis Sastre, founder of Montis Sastre arquitectura, decides to open his own studio in 2015 on his home island, Mallorca.

In these years, the firm has been able to be involved in public and private projects. From minor scale to large scale.

Respect and commitment to the location and culture where we are going to act, is always the starting point of this new adventure that architecture offers us.

We look at the detail with special attention, as we consider him as the “hero without a cape” that characterizes our buildings.

In love with our popular culture, we consider Mediterranean architecture as the ABC of today’s, and we never give it up.




  • 2021:  Garrovera Public space in Marratxí. Mallorca ( 1st PRIZE)
  • 2021:  Scientific builiding for scientific pools in Balears University. (1st PRIZE)
  • 2021:  Roof in Jaume I square. Náquera. Valencia (4º Position)
  • 2018: Cala D´Or Day Center. Santanyí (2nd PRIZE)
  • 2018: Geriatric nursing home in Mahòn. Menorca (2nd PRIZE)
  • 2018: Competition for a socio-cultural center in Genoa. Palma de Mallorca (1st HONORABLE MENTION)
  • 2018: INSÒLIT FESTIVAL Contest. Construction of an ephemeral intervention in the pati de ca´n Oms (1st PRIZE)
  • 2018: Reform of the Sollerense Defender. Soller. Balearic Islands (FINALIST)
  • 2017: Geriatric Residence in Pórtol, Marratxí (1st PRIZE)
  • 2016: Nit del Art. Ephemeral Installation COAIB (2nd PRIZE)
  • 2011: Competition for the Rehabilitation and Integration of the facade of the “PYRINEES” Shopping Center in Andorra 2011 (HONORABLE MENTION)
  • 2011: Olympic Museum of Athens. Greece (3rd PRIZE)
  • 2010: Reform of the “Doyo Forum Gym” Gym in Barcelona (1st PRIZE)


  • Wettbewerve Aktuell. Num 1/2011 (european architecture magazine)
  • TC Notebooks. No. 98 (national architecture magazine)

TEAM 2015-2020:

Adrià Clapés Nicolau / Alejandro Mora Martín / Ángela Prieto Cruz / Juan Bonilla Morell / Lluc Darder Aldeguer